TikTok通販つうはん禁止きんしに インドネシア、規則改定きそくかいてい
2023-09-28 07:10:02
Shelby Emmerich (Risa Tsuki) 12:09 28/09/2023
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TikTok通販つうはん禁止きんしに インドネシア、規則改定きそくかいてい
label.tran_page TikTok mail order banned, Indonesia rules revised


label.tran_page Indonesia’s Trade Minister Zulkifli announced on the 25th that the electronic commerce (EC) regulations will be revised to prohibit the buying and selling of goods on social media.
label.tran_page Although I declined to name names, the target is the mail-order function of the rapidly expanding Chinese video posting app TikTok.
label.tran_page This appears to be a measure to protect major mail order companies and small shops in Indonesia.


label.tran_page If a violation occurs, a warning will be issued, and if no action is taken, the media will be shut down.
label.tran_page Product promotion is permitted
label.tran_page We apply the same domestic rules to overseas sales, and require sales permission depending on the product.