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フィレンツェが民泊禁止みんぱくきんしへ 歴史地区れきしちくえすぎ、地元住民じもとじゅうみん住宅不足じゅうたくぶそく
Jun 4, 2023 07:06
06:06 04/06/2023
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フィレンツェが民泊禁止みんぱくきんしへ 歴史地区れきしちくえすぎ、地元住民じもとじゅうみん住宅不足じゅうたくぶそく
label.tran_page Florence to ban private lodging Overpopulation in historic districts, lack of housing for local residents


label.tran_page The ancient city of Florence in central Italy announced on the 1st that it would take measures to prohibit renting out houses as vacation rentals for tourists in the center of the city.


label.tran_page In Europe, rising rents and the hollowing out of urban areas due to the rapid increase in vacation rentals have become a problem, and there are growing calls for restrictions on Airbnb, a major American vacation rental agency.


label.tran_page Florence is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, which flourished in the 15th and 16th centuries
label.tran_page Many historical buildings from the Middle Ages, such as the cathedral, remain in the central part of the city, which is registered as a World Heritage Site.
label.tran_page The mayor of Nardella said in a statement that there are too many vacation rentals for tourists in these historic areas.
label.tran_page The city council has announced that it will take the necessary procedures due to the lack of housing for local residents.


label.tran_page Specifically, it will be prohibited to register new houses as private lodgings in the historic district in the future.
label.tran_page For houses that have already been registered as private lodgings, owners who have stopped using them as private lodgings will be encouraged to rent them out as rental housing by establishing a preferential treatment that exempts them from property tax for three years.