AI×ぬかごと べごろをおらせ「Nukabot」
2023-11-17 07:10:31
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AI×ぬかごと べごろをおらせ「Nukabot」
label.tran_page AI x Nukatoko “Nukabot” notifies you when it’s time to eat


label.tran_page ”Nukabot”, developed mainly in Waseda University’s research lab, uses sensors in the rice bran floor to determine the level of lactic acid bacteria activity.

label.tran_page When you speak into the installed microphone, it will tell you whether it is ready to eat or not.

label.tran_page In addition, since it utilizes generative AI, it will learn the words you say and will be able to have a conversation.

label.tran_page This new device is being unveiled at Japan’s largest video technology exhibition ”InterBEE”

label.tran_page The exhibition will also feature approximately 1,000 exhibitors, including Canon, which will be showing off its cutting-edge camera technology that can be used in online conferencing systems, and is open until the 17th.