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2023ねんべき52しょ」に盛岡市もりおかし NYタイムズ
Jan 17, 2023 11:01
2018pcmail 18:01 18/01/2023
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2023ねんべき52しょ」に盛岡市もりおかし NYタイムズ
label.tran_page Morioka City NY Times in ”52 Places to Visit in 2023”


label.tran_page The New York Times in the United States announced ”52 places to visit in 2023”, and Morioka City in Iwate Prefecture was selected second after London.

label.tran_page Every year, the New York Times introduces travel destinations based on its own information.

label.tran_page On the 12th, the ”52 places to visit in 2023” were announced, and Morioka City was chosen second after London, the capital of the United Kingdom.

label.tran_page ”There is a traditional inn in a modern hotel with a blend of Japanese and Western architecture built in the Taisho period.”
label.tran_page The ruins of the castle have also been turned into parks, making it a town where you can enjoy walking.”

label.tran_page In addition, while explaining the convenience of being a few hours away from Tokyo by Shinkansen and the scenery of surrounded by mountains and flowing rivers, the content re-evaluates the merits of Morioka as ”a city that has been completely overlooked.”

label.tran_page We also introduce the food of the specialty ”Wanko soba” and cafes that are particular about coffee beans.

label.tran_page  Fukuoka City was selected as the 19th place, and it introduces mainly Nakasu in Hakata, saying, ”You can enjoy not only yakitori and ramen, but also wine and coffee at stalls.”