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マスク 最大約さいたいやく3800億円おくえん資金調達しきんちょうたつ検討けんとう
Jan 28, 2023 11:01
Anonymous 04:01 29/01/2023
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マスク 最大約さいたいやく3800億円おくえん資金調達しきんちょうたつ検討けんとう
label.tran_page Mr. Musk Considering funding of up to approximately 380 billion yen


label.tran_page It turned out that Elon Musk is considering raising up to 380 billion yen by selling new shares in order to pay off the debt he had when he acquired Twitter.

label.tran_page According to the Wall Street Journal, Musk is considering financing the highest-interest bridge portion of the $13 billion he paid for Twitter.

label.tran_page The maximum total amount is about 3 billion dollars = about 380 billion yen, and in addition to the 10% interest rate, the floating interest rate secured by US government bonds is added, and the current interest rate is about 14.3%.

label.tran_page This interest rate has increased by 4% since Twitter’s acquisition announcement, and the annual interest burden has increased by about 13 billion yen.

label.tran_page According to analyst analysis, Twitter is currently obliged to pay interest of 440 million yen every day, and Mr. Mask is considering raising funds by selling Twitter’s new shares, but negotiations are difficult because the purchase price cannot be agreed. is that you are